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Lyndsie is very relatable. She gets you thinking about the bigger picture and asks good questions to make sure she fully understands your needs as well as make sure you’ve explored all options. Some of the items that we reviewed during our investment education sessions are not often discussed in many of the finance books. It was great to consider the broader financial considerations beyond investing such as insurance and estate planning.
— Michelle Den Ouden, Human Resources Manager in Calgary, Alberta
You can always count on Lyndsie for a straight-forward and honest response. She shares her life experiences with her friends and clients in a free and authentic way and each moment spent with her is a steady play of learning and mentoring. Her values are sacred, and her curiosity is her superpower. Rounded out with a down to earth, no fuzz personality, she conveys both comfort and confidence.
— Yvonne Winkler, Business Coach for Women in Calgary, Alberta
Any mom who wants to take charge of her finances should get to know Lyndsie, especially if she’s a business owner. Over the last few years, Lyndsie has helped me see opportunities to make better use of my money and encouraged me to pursue my gift of writing to grow my business. Lyndsie cares deeply about helping moms grow their businesses and improve their money management skills so they can feel at peace with their finances and lead by example in front of their children.
— Amy Monea, Therapist & Owner of Heard Wellness Through Horses near Carstairs, Alberta
I began working with Lyndsie in 2016 because she is passionate about helping moms and their children understand money management. As a mother of two, I greatly appreciate the work Lyndsie does with Junior Achievement and the part of her book where she helps moms teach their kids about money. Before I met Lyndsie, I was not getting the answers I was looking for at banks or from my “financial advisor”. I am grateful that Lyndsie educated me about financial products and the finance industry and helped me implement the changes I needed to make.
— Lynn Cathcart, Director of Business Development and Customer Relations in Calgary, Alberta

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