The Six Week Journey

“From the first online session that we held with Lyndsie, we knew we had found our business coach. She had the skill-set we were missing. We instantly clicked with Lyndsie’s style of presentation and her personality. With her guidance and support, we took an underdeveloped idea that we had within our business and completely pivoted to make it our main focus and she has been key in helping us to connect the dots to create an achievable move-forward plan. Lyndsie has been a huge motivator for us to take action to get us where we want to be.

We can’t recommend Lyndsie enough to people that want to take their business to the next level. She is full of fresh and amazing ideas that energized us and our business and she will do the same for your business too. Can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next!”


“As Lyndsie built my new website, she added many features that I couldn’t have even asked for. I didn’t know half of this stuff existed. Mailchimp. Stripe. A Shopify store for custom logo’d apparel I don’t have to deal with. Money lands in my bank account regularly from apparel, membership and course sales without me having to do anything! The best part is the systems she built are easy to use - even for me, and I’m not techy at all.

Lyndsie coached me through setting my prices to meet my personal financial needs, how to target my ideal clients on Instagram and Facebook, and encouraged me to start running live events which is steadily growing my community of serious fitness professionals and clients. Lyndsie has catapulted my business.”

I took the MIB (Moms In Business) Primer Course on a complete whim because of the value I saw in hearing from other entrepreneurs about what helps them stay on track and navigate the journey entrepreneurship is. My biggest takeaway was that none of us are in this alone! And that’s why I love the added value of the MIB Community, which is a support network where I’m finding lots of accountability, one of the things that is a constant struggle when working for myself!
— Kelly Sinclair, Business Branding & Marketing Specialist
It’s a great encouragement to me to see Lyndsie move into a world of Moms in Business! I took the MIB Primer Course and joined the MIB Community in June 2018. The community is fun way to get women entrepreneurs moving forward and feeling confident in their business as well as supporting one another. I am proud to be a part of this group and look forward to growing and learning along with them in order to achieve success.

And thank you again Lyndsie for taking your own time to do my first ever Facebook Live video with me!
— Tara Van Ringen, Owner of Hans & Ellie Fabric & Sewing

Personal Financial Consulting

Any mom who wants to take charge of her finances should get to know Lyndsie at one of her workshops in Calgary, by reading her book, or by watching her YouTube videos. Over the last year, Lyndsie has helped me see opportunities to make better use of my money and encouraged me to pursue my gift of writing to grow my business. Lyndsie has supported my business by volunteering as a horse handler for my youth programs and by sharing her excitement about my business on her social media pages. If you’re a mompreneur struggling with money, know that Lyndsie cares deeply about helping moms grow their businesses and improve their money management skills so they can share those skills with their kids.
— Amy Monea, RSW, Equine Assisted Therapist, Owner of Heard Wellness Through Horses

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I began working with Lyndsie in 2016 because she is passionate about helping moms and their children understand money management. As a mother of two, I greatly appreciate the work Lyndsie is putting into her YouTube show for teens ( as well as the work she does one-on-one with moms like me who were not finding the answers we were looking for at banks or from “financial advisors”. I am grateful that Lyndsie educated me about financial products and the finance industry and helped me implement the changes I needed to make.
— Lynn Cathcart, Director of Business Development and Customer Relations
You can always count on Lyndsie for a straight-forward and honest response. She shares her life experiences with her friends and clients in a free and authentic way and each moment spent with her is a steady play of learning and mentoring. Her values are sacred, and her curiosity is her superpower. Rounded out with a down to earth, no fuzz personality, she conveys both comfort and confidence.
— Yvonne Winkler, Business Coach for Women