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Does the thought of money

  • cause conflict in your relationships?

  • keep you up at night?

  • cause you to feel anxious or depressed?

Itโ€™s time to get off the hamster wheel and gain the knowledge you need to achieve your definition of success!


Are you a business owner seeking

  • a team of like-minded entrepreneurs?

  • marketing education?

  • more of the RIGHT clients?

You need to check out the FREE six week marketing school for YYC Fempreneurs!


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Lyndsie Barrie-Lyndsie Barrie-0005.jpg

Become a Money Savvy Mom!

Become a Money Savvy Mom!

Want to learn how to earn, save & invest money the way you do everything else -

like a SUPERMOM?!

"Money & The 39 Forever Mom" Paperback Book
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Join our growing community of courageous moms who will not stop at anything to get answers to their money questions!

To join our community, all you need to do is help me provide you with impactful & FREE financial information by sharing a few of your money questions in this three minute survey!