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Think you don't need a "Herd Mentality" or "Horse Sense" to succeed as a mother and business owner?

Amy Monea will share practical life lessons she's learned from growing up with horses and building a business around her passion for sharing the healing power of horses.

Amy is the mother of two young children, and is a registered Social Worker with the Alberta College of Social Workers.

For Amy, it wasn't easy becoming a mom. She struggled with postpartum depression and feeling "not okay". Her message to moms is clear: 

"You're a good mom, and it's okay to feel 'not okay'."

Amy has pursued her dream to own a wellness centre where her horses and her clinical mental health background work together to help people heal and build the life they want. She is living that dream today and is excited to share her stories and learnings with all of you in the Moms In Business Workshop.


Meet the woman I've been trusting with my Social Media passwords and posting authority for 2 years! 

Shay Riggin is one of the most creative humans I know, and has her finger on the pulse of social media marketing.

Shay's Social Media Tips and Tricks are one of the key reasons you need to invest in The Virtual Workshop for Moms In Business today!


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Your Money Mindset.

What do you believe to be true about money and wealth?

Are your underlying feelings about prosperity holding you back?

I owe much of my personal and business success to Yvonne Winkler and her ability to help women break down the walls holding them back from reaching their potential.


In the workshop, Yvonne will help you explore the stories you tell yourself about success, wealth and increasing your income.

I'm so excited to share her with all of you at The Virtual Workshop for Moms In Business, a.k.a.,

The MIB Workshop!


Money Success Strategies.

Welcome to, and my latest project: 

The MIB Workshop


The MIB Tribe!


Words can't describe how excited I am to be able to bring these three talented ladies and my best business building strategies to you through a virtual workshop and the MIB Tribe!!! Right now, the only way to get in the MIB Tribe is through the MIB Workshop, which is six hours of business building training for moms (only $139 on


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Lyndsie Barrie

Mother, Author, Money Success Expert


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Corporate Money Success Training


Moms worry constantly, and their #1 worry is MONEY. Every business owner wants to help their employees become healthier, happier people so they are as productive as possible at work. Reducing money stress will accomplish this!

Moms are busy. They don't take time for themselves unless they absolutely have to. Providing education during work hours ensures kids, spouses and other priorities don't get in the way.

My corporate workshops include workbooks for all attendees with your company's logo on the cover. Your employees learn about money management fundamentals in a fun, interactive atmosphere, with the satisfaction that their boss cares enough to invest in their successful futures.

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The Personal Finance Web Workshop for MOMS



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