Why am I conducting these surveys?

Read a bit of my story and what I’m building with the survey data below.


In 2014, I began building my own business, not because I wanted to. I had just been let go from my job at a large international investment firm. I wasn’t earning enough commissions. Getting fired, in hind-sight, was the best thing that could have happened to me, but at the time, it was devastating.

In the days that followed, I began researching how to set up my own financial services company. I also interviewed for associate positions with a few investment firms.

There was no way I was going to stop doing what I had set out to do: teach people all the things about money and investing that I knew they, too, wish they had learned in high school.

Six weeks after being let go from my job, Barrie Financial Consulting was born. Between that day and today, I wrote a book about money management for moms. I learned how to attract my ideal clients through trial and error and free online tools like SurveyMonkey.com, MailChimp.com and of course Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. I invested thousands of dollars I didn’t have in business coaching and hiring marketing experts only to discover that I love marketing as much as I love teaching moms about money and investing. My entrepreneur clients, friends and my gym-owner boyfriend were benefitting from my marketing advise.

My Six Week Fempreneur School was born. The next group is starting soon, and there are still seats left. It’s FREE, so keep reading to find out how to apply.

Whether you’re a business owner seeking DIY marketing skills and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, or you’re a mom who wants to be more money savvy, I have a FREE six week course to offer you - $697 value!

The first step to apply for either course is telling me a bit about yourself in one of the 3 minute surveys below:

If you want to join a community of female entrepreneurs in the 6 week

Fempreneur School,

take the

Since I began learning about marketing from Lyndsie, I have seen steady growth in the number of clients I have attracted through Instagram and Facebook. Lyndsie has helped me with everything from creating images and videos to writing captions that engage the right people. I’m so glad I found her!
— Liz Campbell, M12 Fitness in Calgary, Alberta

If you want to join a community of moms in the 6 week

Money Savvy School,

take the

I began working with Lyndsie in 2016 because she is passionate about helping moms and their children understand money management. As a mother of two, I greatly appreciate that Lyndsie regularly volunteers with Junior Achievement teaching youth about money. I am grateful that Lyndsie educated me about financial products and the finance industry and helped me implement the changes I needed to make.
— Lynn Cathcart

Why are these courses FREE, you ask?

Thanks to God, great mentors and a fierce desire to impress my son and prove my parents wrong, I achieved some pretty big stuff after being fired in 2014. More and more new income streams were flowing, and I became fairly comfortable. That’s when most entrepreneurs, me included, know that it’s time to shake things up - set the bar higher. Confident I could help many organizations reach more of their target audience with the tools and strategies I had been utilizing, I announced my first school for mompreneurs for only $39, then I gave away a free six week “Business Renovation” marketing package. Then I was hired by a female entrepreneur to help her with marketing, then again, and again. Doors kept opening, and I kept walking through them. I was having so much fun sharing and furthering my knowledge, I decided to offer a FREE Six Week Fempreneur School to make my marketing lessons available to all women, no matter their financial situation. Since I am someone who needs *LIVE* coaching and accountability within a like-minded group of people (I have had zero interest in online courses), I packaged my knowledge the way I would want to receive it:

Six weekly *LIVE* lessons.

Each student is paired with an accountability partner.

A Facebook chat group for all members to celebrate successes and ask for help.

Max 10 women including myself in the group.

***Both the Fempreneur School and the Money Savvy Moms School are structured as described above!

How long will this live & interactive training be offered for free, you ask?

I don’t know. I suspect I will continue as long as I’m having fun and can see I am making a positive difference in the lives of women and moms, and perhaps until I have a few Femprenneurs and Money Savvy Moms trained to lead their own groups. No matter what happens, you will always have access to my best information on my YouTube channel, as I’m currently in the process of publishing a series of “Marketing for Fempreneurs” lessons on YouTube. Then I’ll do the same with the “Money Savvy Moms” lessons, so make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel now!

Fempreneur School

If you’d like to participate in a six week series of lessons and action steps designed to help female entrepreneurs attract more of their ideal clients, please take this survey and tell me what you want to learn. At the end of the survey, you’ll be invited to apply for a spot in the Fempreneur School - $697 value - FREE!

Money Savvy Moms School

If it’s money education you’re after, including saving and investing strategies and accountability within a like-minded group of moms, please take this survey and tell me what you want to learn. At the end of the survey, you’ll be invited to apply for a spot in the Money Savvy Moms School - $697 value - FREE!