My Money Messages are simple yet powerful:

  1. Women must understand what’s going on with their money and combine this knowledge with money management skills to build the life they desire.

  2. Moms must have access to FREE financial education for their children to reduce the number of young adults who are failing to launch (launch = move out of parents’ basement). For more information, go to

  3. Today’s small business owners have access to many free marketing tools thanks to Social Media and Google. In order to thrive, they must learn the basics, build a strategy and implement it regularly. (If you’re a business owner seeking an improved website and/or marketing strategy, I’m here to help.)

Whether you’re looking for a 30 minute talk or a three hour workshop, I’d love to share my expertise and enthusiasm about any one of the above topics (or a combination of them) at your upcoming event! Contact me to find out more!

Check out this video to see Lyndsie Barrie, International Speaker & Author, in action!