Every parent I've ever talked to agrees that our kids need access to fun, engaging, accurate and ACTIONABLE financial education taught by real, live financial professionals.


The Ask Lyndsie Show will get its start as a podcast and YouTube channel, because we all know most kids absorb information best by watching or listening to it. Later, I'll turn the best show content into a great book and an app to help teens manage money!

Imagine if we'd had these tools when we were teenagers?!?!? 

Not sure if you trust me to teach your kids about money? Start the interview by reading my latest FREE eBook. You'll get to know me better, and discover how I earn, save, invest and think about money. All you need to do to get the free eBook is join the Money Success Mom Club.

You can also pick up my book for moms on Amazon or Google Play. In my book, I share perspectives on teaching kids about money that I've found helpful and valuable (my clients have found these perspectives helpful and valuable, too) and my tried and true money conversation guides!

Make sure you're in the Money Success Mom Club so I can let you know as soon as the first episodes of the Ask Lyndsie Show are available!


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