I work hard to set myself apart from others who make a living from selling financial advice and products, and here's proof:

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The #askLyndsie show is my passion. Coming up with new ways to explain money concepts to teens is never boring, and it's always extremely fun. It also takes a lot of time and energy, not only my own, but others' time and energy, too. This means I pay people to help create the podcast and video episodes for teens so I can continue to do what actually pays my bills: serve the clients of Barrie Financial Consulting Inc.

$ $ $ $ $

When you become my client by hiring me to speak at your event or build your Financial Freedom Plan, 50% of what you pay me funds the #askLyndsie show. The same goes for commissions I earn when you buy investments or a travel/health/life insurance policy from me.

What does it cost to continue creating new episodes of the #askLyndsie show?

Creating each new episode requires the following investments:


  • I create the content and/or find a successful human who is willing to be interviewed for the show.
  • I record the video, usually on my own, but occasionally, I pay a videographer if an activity is involved where I can't record it myself.


  • I prefer to record the interview live rather than a recording of a virtual (Skype) interview, so I will travel to the person I'm interviewing. This occasionally requires flights and accommodations, but at the very least, it requires fuel in my vehicle and a thank you gift for the guest.
  • Once the video is recorded, it needs to be edited for YouTube and the audio needs to be uploaded to the #askLyndsie podcast channel. I pay a video editor to do this, and it costs $100-200CAD per episode.
  • In order to make sure all teens know this free financial education is available to them, I'm always paying 2-5 humans to use their unique marketing techniques to advertise the show. Sometimes it's as simple as paying the owner of an Instagram account that has a couple hundred thousand followers to share an #askLyndsie show ad.

Why not ask your investment and insurance companies, or a big bank to sponsor the #askLyndsie show?

Great question. From a financial aspect, that makes total sense, but I refuse to take money from companies who are simply after everyone's money. I promised myself and all my friends, family and clients when I began the #askLyndsie show that I would never take money from a big bank because THEY ARE A HUGE PART OF THE PROBLEM. (The PROBLEM I'm referring to is the overall lack of financial knowledge in North America.) The big banks are to blame for all the confusing advertisements that are literally made to confuse people into thinking they need the help of a big bank "financial advisor". The big banks are to blame for the way they pay their financial advisors, who are actually financial product salespersons. If the banks truly cared about people, they'd be trying to help educate people about the facts rather than keep us dumb so it's easier to sell us stuff we don't know whether or not we need.

I hope that answers your question. This thing has to fund itself. And it will, with your help.

You're already buying financial products and advise from someone, and what are you getting for the fees you're paying? And do you even know how much you're actually paying in fees?

Buy from me if you want to pay transparent fees for real service while supporting someone who's actually working to increase the financial knowledge level in our youth.

If becoming a #momvocate for the teenagers who are watching and listening to the #askLyndsie show sounds like something you're into, start by buying my book and taking my Web Workshop. These two #momsuccess tools will get your finances on the right track, and earn you your #momvocate status!

If the information in my book and Web Workshop leaves you feeling like your financial picture may be missing something, send me a message and let me know what I can help you with.