Interested in working together?

Step 1:  *FREE* 20 minute interview

  • During this conversation about your goals and challenges, we will either find that my services aren't a good fit for you, or we will see value in working together.
  • Alternatively, I'll give you homework to complete before we can work together. For example, I may ask that you pay off your credit cards and/or vehicle loan.
  • If we choose to work together, we schedule our first face to face meeting and the consultation fee of $697* is due.  *The fee can be divided into 2 - 4 weekly payments, but must be paid in full before the data presentation meeting is scheduled.

Step 2:  Data Gathering Meeting

  • You read and sign our Two Week Working Agreement.
  • We complete a financial questionnaire and you provide the documents and data I require to prepare your Money Success Plan.
  • The Data Presentation Meeting is scheduled.

Step 3:  Data Presentation Meeting

  • Your Money Success Plan includes an overview of your financial picture, including strategies and concepts to help fill any gaps my team and I have found in your financial picture.
  • Each and every Money Success Plan I create for a mom includes money lessons customized for her child(ren).
  • Strategies and concepts listed in your Money Success Plan may include financial products and/or services, some of which I can provide.
  • If we see value in continuing to work together, we sign a Two Year Working Agreement. This agreement states which financial strategies listed in your Money Success Plan we will execute. 
  • If one or both of us decides not to enter into a Two Year Working Agreement, you are provided with a copy of your Money Success Plan and my work is done.

Please Note: Creation of your Money Success Plan may require engaging a lawyer and/or accountant. Such fees are extra.


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