1.  *FREE* 20 minute live video interview

  • During this conversation about your goals and challenges, we will either find that my services aren't a good fit for you, or we will see value in working together.
  • Alternatively, I'll give you homework to complete before we can work together. For example, I may require that you pay off your credit cards and/or vehicle loan.
  • If we choose to work together, we schedule our first face to face meeting.

2.  Data Gathering Meeting - 60 minute live (in person or video) discussion of your goals and current financial picture

  • You read and sign our Two Week Working Agreement and make a $667 payment.
  • Together, we answer a list of questions about your money and you provide the documents and other data I require to prepare your Money Success Plan.
  • The Data Presentation Meeting is scheduled.

3.  Data Presentation Meeting - 90 minute live (in person or video) presentation of your Money Success Plan

  • Your Money Success Plan includes an overview of your financial picture as well as strategies and concepts to help fill any gaps my team and I have found.
  • Strategies and concepts may include financial products and/or services, some of which I can provide.
  • If we see value in continuing to work together, we sign a Two Year Working Agreement. This agreement states which financial strategies listed in your Money Success Plan we will execute. 
  • If one or both of us decides not to enter into a Two Year Working Agreement, another $667 is due.

Please Note: Creation of your Money Success Plan may require engaging a lawyer and/or accountant. Such fees are extra.


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This workshop is based on my book "39 Keys to Money Success for The 39 Forever Mom". It consists of 2 sessions, 2 hours each. I designed this workshop with these 3 facts in mind:

  1. Moms worry constantly, and their #1 worry is MONEY.
  2. Smart business owners want to help their employees become healthier, happier and more productive. Reducing money stress can accomplish this.
  3. Moms are busy. They don't take time for themselves unless they absolutely have to.

The Money Success for Moms Workshop takes place during work hours. Each employee receives a workbook with their employer's logo on the cover. Each mom works through the fundamentals of money management and investing in a fun, interactive atmosphere, all the while knowing that her employer cares about her enough to invest in her successful future. Each attendee is offered a free 45 minute one-on-one consultation with Lyndsie. Company investment for this workshop is $87-$137 per employee. 

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I have a great book, a powerful message, and I'm willing to bring it all to your next event!