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The sea of information available to business owners seeking higher profits is overwhelming, and many of the strategies and “secrets” bear high price tags.

Since starting my first business at age 21, my sea of information has included books, seminars, business coaches, podcasts and webinars. One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is share the best stuff I’ve learned about client creation and retention with other business owners. This includes everything from my favorite books and podcast episodes to the hands-on knowledge I’ve gained from taking risks, like creating my first videos on YouTube and hiring strangers to set up my business on UpWork. Ask any of my friends or clients, and they’ll tell you that I love pushing business owners outside their comfort zones, and even though it often takes a few days to a week, they always thank me for it!

effective client creation and retention systems

My proven systems are not short cuts. There is no short cut to building and growing strong communities. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION is essential to growing your strong communities, and with the world of Social Media and Google at our fingertips, it’s never been easier to strike up conversations with your ideal clients.

"If more information was the answer, we'd all be billionaires with six pack abs.”

~ Derek Sivers

Meet my newest happy client…

Zac Chalmers, B. KIN, NSCA-CSCS, CSEP-CPT, Owner & Personal Trainer, S*M*A*S*H Conditioning, Calgary Alberta


“As Lyndsie built my new website, she added many features that I couldn’t have even asked for. I didn’t know half of this stuff existed. Mailchimp. Stripe. A Shopify store for custom logo’d apparel I don’t have to deal with. She also encouraged me to start running live events which is steadily growing my community of serious fitness professionals. Lyndsie has catapulted my business.”

I knew it was time to update my website, but I never imagined my new website would look this good or have all these features. Money lands in my bank account regularly from apparel, membership and course sales without me having to do anything! The best part is the systems she built are easy to use - even for me, and I’m not techy at all. She also coached me through setting my prices to meet my personal financial needs, and how to target my ideal clients on Instagram and Facebook. Lyndsie has more business knowledge and passion than anyone I’ve ever met.”


only $2397???

Yes! And here’s what you’ll get…


Whether your business is brand new or simply in need of a fresh coat of paint, we will work together to grow your two business communities:

  1. Your inner circle; mentors, business partners, like-minded business owner friends and family and other professionals who are helping you with everything from recording your first YouTube video to helping you build your new website.

  2. Your present & future ideal clients.

This is done the old fashioned way, with a little help from modern technology like your website and social media, simply by striking up conversations.


Together, we will develop systems unique to your business to strike up conversations with your ideal clients - present & future - through your new website that includes communication tools like Mailchimp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Google.

It’s time to DIVE IN to the potential your business has!

Why did you choose to become a business owner? I bet I know the top 2 reasons why…

  1. Lifestyle. You want to say when, where, who and how much. You want to design your lifestyle first, then earn a living, rather than the other way around.

  2. You’re a problem solver. You care about your clients and future clients. You have a product or service that can improve lives, and you want to share it with the people you designed it for.

What matters is that you know the potential your business has and are ready to do what it takes to start moving in that direction.

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$2397 + 6 weeks

Your custom built marketing & commerce design package includes:

  • Six 90 minute meetings that combine info gathering, data assessment, training and homework assignments.

  • Three hours of my time each week (in addition to our 90 minute meetings) dedicated to designing and implementing your unique communication system, which will include things such as:

    • video production and editing

    • YouTube channel set up

    • a Facebook Live interview

    • website creation PLUS TWO FREE WEBSITE DESIGN TRAINING SESSIONS so you can update and edit your own site as needed

    • design and advertise a live event and/or online course

    • addition of passive income streams through affiliate links to products and professionals who compliment your services

    • Stripe &/or PayPal set up (to receive online payments and send invoices)

    • Mailchimp set up and plan to grow your email list (in case you didn’t know, there is HUGE value in having an email list of 100-300 ideal clients you can market to directly though their email inbox!)

    • blog set up and literature editing… “People don’t care what you do. They care WHY you do it.” -Simon Sinek

    • book writing and self publishing training