If yours is like my family, “family time” can feel less than enjoyable. The goal is to enjoy family time, but the reality is that all families have quirks. Maybe your aunt tells the same story over & over after her 4th glass of wine, or your ten year old nephew teaches your kindergartner “new” words. Or, it can be much, much worse. For many, “reconnecting” means family drama and maybe even a full-blown fist fight or two!! When you throw that many opinions and parenting styles into one household for 48 hours and add some alcohol, things tend to get messy. Yes, I’m describing my family. My Family Day gathering can’t possibly be more uncomfortable than Christmas at my little brother’s house was… I hope.

Here’s the crazy thing: I’m very excited to spend Family Day with my crazy family, because no matter how uncomfortable it gets, I still love the heck out them because they’re my one and only family. This past year, I learned how unfair it is to blame certain members of my family for things I think they did wrong.

It isn’t fair to blame my family for my downfalls without also giving them credit for my awesomeness.

If you truly love your family, despite their quirks and wrongdoings (which resulted in you turning into a darn fantastic person), here’s what you need to do to avoid 100x more family drama and emotional turmoil than you can imagine:

Bring your newly updated will to Family Day dinner.


Is it, though? Is it really that crazy to let everyone know what you’ve decided is going to happen to your “stuff” when you’re gone? Do you want your loved ones quarreling and perhaps severing their relationships because of the SURPRISE CONTENTS OF YOUR WILL??? Of course you don’t. You love these people. Do what’s best for them: leave a neat & tidy “plan” for them to execute when you’re gone.

Heck – why not bring a copy of your will for each person to take home with them?

If you’re hesitant to do this because your will is no longer accurate – or worse – you don’t have a will, get it done!

Answer their questions now. Don’t be a coward. This is a perfect time to do it: Family Day.

Make your 2017 Family Day Goal to ensure your family stays together, bickering and drinking too much, long after you’re gone.

Thanks for reading! If you have a question or comment, please send me a message. Thanks for being the inspiration for all that I do!