Soon after becoming a mom, I realized it was time to make a deeper change in people's lives. Being a hairdresser and owning my own successful mobile beauty business was fun and I earned plenty of money, but I wasn't fulfilled. Doing hair and having the flexibility to spend loads of time with my baby boy was fantastic, but I wanted to make a deeper change in people's lives.

The world of finance was calling me.

How did I know this?

After graduating high school, this small town Canadian girl knew only three things about money; you work for it, you spend it and you save some. Growing up in an outdoorsy family, we spent lots of time quadding, horseback riding, moose hunting and boating and very little time talking about how money works. I used to think “saving” meant burying money in a coffee can in the back forty or hiding it under my mattress!! The concept of putting money to work instead of just trading hours for dollars wasn’t introduced to me until I was 20. A business owner client was sitting in my hairdressing chair one day and he asked me what I thought about the idea of owning my own salon one day. The conversation moved toward investing in other people's businesses. He quickly realized I had no idea what he was talking about and suggested I read a book called "Smart Couples Finish Rich". My passion for investing began while reading that book.

After relocating from Northern Alberta to Southern Alberta in 2010, opportunities to work in the finance industry began coming my way. After completing my first course, I was offered a position as a financial advisor at a large investment firm, contingent on completion of more finance courses and exams. My son was 5 years old then so he watched many Disney movies while I studied. I passed the exams and was hired. I am thankful every day that I took a risk and stepped out of my comfort zone. It would have been so much easier to do what I know - build another mobile beauty business - but that wouldn’t have landed me where I am today:


The beginning of my career as a "financial advisor" was a very NOT COMFY phase of my life. Compensation came only from selling financial products like stocks, mutual funds and life insurance, so I did a lot of work for free. Many people asked me, “What do you charge for a financial review?”, but the firm I worked for didn’t allow its advisors to charge consultation fees. My only compensation was from people buying financial products from me. I did a lot of work for free because, through my free consultation process, people sometimes discovered they didn't need a new financial advisor or a new investment. They just needed someone they like, trust and believe in to share new perspectives and say, “You’re on the right track.”

The “financial advising” industry is geared towards serving wealthy people. Most financial advisors can’t be bothered to help people become wealthy because the financial firms they work for are after one thing: quick profit.

My fear of going against the grain gradually faded, thanks to some great mentors and books, and I found myself doing what makes me happy: working for those who like, trust and believe in me, no matter how much money they have.

Shockingly, the investment firm and I parted ways. Barrie Financial Consulting Inc. formed around my passion to serve people at any net worth level. Compensation options were structured to be fair for both myself and the people I serve. As time went on, I noticed my work was making the biggest difference in the lives of moms. I also noticed certain money questions were being asked over and over by moms. My business coach helped me realize that tens of thousands of moms are out there asking the same money questions every day and I would never be able to reach all of them unless someone put them in a book for moms. 

Why not me?

Throughout 2016, I began turning these common money questions into workshops, YouTube videos, blogs and LinkedIn articles. All of this became my first book, “39 Keys To Money Success For The 39 Forever Mom”.

A book, then a Workshop.

The Money Success For Moms Workshop is an opportunity for moms to discover some of the most important money concepts from my book through interactive sessions complete with videos, quizzes, hilarious stories and opportunities to interact with myself and other Money Success Moms.

My favourite part is...

After a mom completes all 4 sessions, she'll be offered an opportunity to earn a spot in my tribe of moms who meet virtually every other week to take her Money Success level even higher!!

Beginning on October 25th, if you're a mom, it's time to get out of that comfort zone so you can enter into your COMFIER zone.

I’m not saying I’ve found my COMFIEST ZONE, nor am I promising to help you find yours. All I’m promising is I can help moms find more comfort from their money than they’re experiencing now.

If you want to be on the list of moms who will receive Money Success Workshop session 1 of 4 - FOR FREE - add yourself to the list:

With #supermom power,


PS. For every 20 moms who pay for my workshop, I will provide a FREE workshop for 20 moms at a library :)