Whether you are a stay at home mom, have your own business or a job outside your home, be careful you don't get too rigid with your life's routines.

Be Open!

Open yourself up to the unknown. I'm not talking about walking down dark alleys or putting yourself in danger, nor am I suggesting you say "Yes!" to every invitation or opportunity that comes your way. All I'm saying is, when you know what your goals are and what makes you happy, it helps to have openings in your schedule. Make room amongst all the busyness. 


If you don't love what you do for money, then being open to new opportunities is especially important for you. In order to love and excel at what you do for money, your career must stem from a passion. Passion isn't that feeling that comes and goes, like when you're excited about a new food or restaurant or TV show. That feeling is called LUST. We've all felt it, and we know it's nothing like true passion. True passion is something that's been in you since you were a little girl - centred in creativity. 

Let that "old favourite" passion of yours find you again by clearing out some of those tasks like driving kids around (maybe the kids can carpool?), going to the same gym (maybe try a new gym or work out class?) and having coffee with the same girlfriends. Replace some of the old tasks with new ways to meet new people. I promise you'll discover new ways to fire up that passion within you!

Be New!

For example, one of my passions is HORSES.

It all began at summer camp when I was a teenager. I fell in love with horses, and I wanted one. BAD. In fact, a horse was my first ever savings goal and I did achieve it, with help from my mom who paid half. It's been many years since I owned that horse, and I'll probably never own a horse again, but I did recently start making time in my schedule to get in touch with my passion for horses. This led me to something better than owning my own horse:


Not only are there no vet or feed bills anymore, I have the privilege of being a "horse handler", which means my job is to keep kids safe while horses help them heal from abuse, neglect or some sort of damage.

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Trade a little bit of your organization for some random excitement! A certain amount of structure is necessary, such as a strict morning routine, but if too much of your time is blocked, you are blocking new experiences, people and places from enriching your life.

About 50% of my calendar is blocked with MUST DOs. The other 50% is GAPS: time available for who knows what. Those who know me well will confirm that I do what I say I’ll do while remaining flexible, and I remain flexible by ditching or rearranging tasks occasionally - only tasks which don’t involve obligations to my friends or clients. Do you hate getting stood up or ditched at the last minute? Me too. I find the best way to avoid bailing at the last minute is by being selective of the things I put in my calendar in the first place, and making sure, again,


As I've learned to weed out unnecessary distractions in the form of media, email and meetings, and tasks that don't require my unique skills (by delegating them), my MUST DOs are completed in about 5 hours per day, 4 days per week.

How I removed most of the time-suckers from my life:

  • No cable TV since 2010
  • Netflix/YouTube are limited to 2 hours each week. (My son and I get most of our entertainment from podcasts and audiobooks, and he reads tons.)
  • Personal Facebook and Instagram are (usually) limited to five minutes once or twice a day. I usually forget Twitter exists so I post on it once or twice a week.
  • Business social media accounts are mostly managed by virtual assistants, except for days like today when I'm inspired to create and share something new! (Find me on Facebook and Instagram @the39ForeverMom, and send your teens to @askLyndsie!)
  • Barrie Financial Consulting Inc's clients are mostly taken care of by my assistant Emma, other than annual financial reviews or creating Money Success Plans for new clients.
  • I don't watch, listen to or read news. And before you ask, my money and my clients' money is managed by super smart people who are immersed in the news and make adjustments to our investments accordingly. I get paid to know my clients and their goals - not to pick stocks for them.

Take a moment to analyze the media you allowed into your brain yesterday.

Can you honestly say the news you read, listened to or watched yesterday will help you reach your goals? 

Use your limited time wisely. Besides, if anything potentially life-changing occurs, you'll find out about it on Facebook or Twitter!