When you feel overwhelmed with your finances, what action do you take?

  1. Talk to friends?

  2. Take a nap or turn on Netflix?

  3. Do nothing?

(Most people choose #3.)

Why don't more people call their financial advisor or make an appointment at the bank?

Because they're sick of being sold to. 

When it comes to feeling like your finances are spinning out of control, you're not alone. Most people feel confused and overwhelmed with at least one of the key money concepts:

1) Debt.  2) Investing.  3) Saving for child's education.  4) "Am I saving enough for retirement?"

Most of us were raised to believe banks are here to help us, when in fact, banks make zero money from offering advise alone. That's why you will never walk away from a bank appointment without having been sold something - a new loan or investment or life insurance policy. That's how banks make money, plain and simple, and it has to stop.


People often don't need a new financial product. They simply need unbiased financial advice.

The main problem with getting BIASED advise is it's not helpful.

Why turn to UNBIASED fee-for-service advice instead?

(you fill in the blanks)

The fee-for-service financialadvisor.png




How you can get unbiased financial advice?

By paying for it.


Financial advise, just like legal, tax, medical or dental advise SHOULD NOT BE FREE, and if it is, be prepared to be sold a product.

True financial professionals are slowly but surely moving away from sales roles towards:


The journey that landed me in this role was not an easy one. I was told over and over again I was going about it all wrong and I often wished I could just sell more product so I could have more money for myself and my son, but it didn't feel right.

The role that felt right and still feels right for me is "Fee-for-service financial advisor."

Does this mean I can't sell my clients financial products like life insurance and investments? Nope. It simply means I don't have to in order to get paid.

I've made it my job to

  • listen to your concerns

  • help you understand debt, saving and investing

  • make sure you feel confident with your financial decisions

  • provide financial education tools for your children.

That's why I wrote a book about money for moms.

After being asked the same money questions over and over again by moms, who felt helpless and frustrated, I decided to put the answers and strategies many moms are seeking in a book called "Money & The 39 Forever Mom”. 

Whether or not you're a mom, you deserve to understand money without the pressure of being sold to. I'm here to educate and empower moms!

My invitation to you is this:

Join me for a four week, all-encompassing financial conversation that isn't free, but is worth every penny; a conversation that will take you from feeling overwhelmed and anxious to clear and confident!

 The process starts with a FREE 20 minute video call. Request yours now!