Some people don’t mind living payday to payday. The thought of “What if I lose my job?” either doesn’t pop into their head, or isn’t scary enough to spur them to save an emergency fund. That’s OK. I’m not here to convince people who aren’t worried about money to become worried so I can help them resolve their worry. But those who are enjoying blissful ignorance are going to experience an awakening one day that will force them to worry about their money. I’m not saying I think people should worry about their money. Quite the contrary, actually. Worrying is an unhealthy habit that stems from lack of knowledge.

Blissful ignorance is better than worrying.

Like many of you, I enjoyed blissful ignorance throughout most of my twenties. I didn’t listen to my folks when they told me not to spend every penny I made in case of an emergency. When the pain of being broke got bad enough, I knew I had to fix my bad habits. Problem was, I didn’t know how!

Money problems are the most difficult problems to have for three reasons:

  1.  People don’t even realize they have money problems! (BLISSFUL IGNORANCE!)
  2.  People are scared to expose their bad financial condition.
  3.  People are scared to ask “stupid questions”. (There are no stupid questions when it comes to money!)

Thus, financial success is often FAKED.

I’m all for the “fake it ’til you make it” technique. Just make sure you don’t fake it forever.  Remember – the goal is to actually MAKE IT!

Most folks you see who look like they are living the dream are probably broke. Debt is like wearing Spanx to cover the flabby mess underneath…

She looked like she was in decent shape until one Spanx-less Saturday, her five-year-old threw a tantrum and ran out the front door and down the road screaming. The entire neighbourhood saw what she looks like in a tank top and shorts. Not pretty.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a close friend who experiences a money crisis, or if you don’t pick up the right book – a book that seems like it was written for you & your money problems – you won’t be prepared when the financial tantrum hits. Whether or not you’re ready, it'll happen. Job loss. Illness. Injury. Don’t wait for this to happen. Take a look in the mirror without your “Debt Spanx” on ASAP.

Those enjoying blissful ignorance probably stopped reading this a few sentences ago. That’s OK. Don’t worry – be happy. That’s what I would have done when I was 25, too.

If you are sick of faking money success, or you suspect someone you know is struggling financially, I have great news for you:

This great book shares my tried & true ways to earn, save and invest better!

Now go take off that super-tight bodysuit, look in the mirror and do what it takes to be ready for a