Web Workshop for MOMS

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Web Workshop for MOMS

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After struggling through my twenties, wondering why I hadn't been taught how money works in school or by my parents, my curiosity led me to a career as a "financial advisor" (I'll explain why I've used quotation marks in a minute). Being hired by a large international investment firm required leaving my comfort zone, a year of education (much of which I absorbed at my computer while my son watched Disney movies - I love online learning!!) and passing challenging exams. The financial knowledge I gained and continue to gain day after day has one purpose: to help moms and their children.

After working with people and their money for many years, I've discovered that most people who worry about money do so simply because they don't understand how money works. They're missing a piece of the puzzle and haven't asked the right questions because they're probably like me and were raised to NEVER ask people about their money.

The clients I love working with the most are moms, and over time, my client list has become mostly moms. What I find truly interesting is most of the moms I've worked with didn't have much on their "Money To Dos" list; 80% of their money worries were caused by lack of knowledge. Once they read through their Money Success Plan and understood where they were and how to get where they wanted to be, they were like, "Whew." Relief.

With the help of a business coach, I realized I had to reach more moms by sharing my knowledge in a book, so I got to work. 9 months later, "Money & The 39 Forever Mom" was born, followed soon after by my second "knowledge baby", this workshop.

This workshop contains the "meat" of my book, and addresses the top 2 reasons why moms don't understand money:

  1. Moms are the glue binding their family together, so they have a hard time removing their focus from "mom duties" to learn  how money works. Mom duties and caring for our families comes naturally to us. Learning about money is not in most moms' comfort zones.

  2. Moms don't know where to look for helpful, easy to understand information about money. I have lived it, too. When my son was a baby, I began realizing I needed help with managing my money, but questions like, "Which friend should I ask to refer me to their financial advisor? What does a financial advisor actually do? What if it's expensive? Should I just buy a book about it?" paralyzed me. I did what most of the moms I've met do: went back to doing what I do best: career, family and worrying about money.

Most "Financial Advisors" are actually financial product salespersons, compensated only from selling. The banks and financial companies they work for do not allow them to charge for advice alone, so it's not their faults, and many will never do what I did - become an independent "fee-for-service" financial consultant, because it would mean reducing their income.

It's no wonder so many people are confused about how money works.

If you're ready to gain unbiased financial knowledge from your laptop at your own pace, you're the mom I created this Web Workshop for.

With personal service and #supermom power,